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Knight places the brightest accounting jobseekers in businesses ranging from small to medium enterprises to global multinational companies. 

Assistant Finance Manager (Luxury Retail; 5day work) (HK$40K-HK$45K)

Our client is a local listed luxury retail group. They are currently looking for an Assistant Finance Manager to join their growing team.

HK$40K-HK$45K Middle Accounting, Finance

Accounting Supervisor (Chinese conglomerate ) 5 days, Wan Chai (HK$25K-$30K)

Our client is a Chinese conglomerate. They are looking for a high caliber Accounting Supervisor to join their team.

HK$25K-$30K Senior Accounting, Finance

Manager, IT Audit (Listed Conglomerate) 5 day, (HK$55K - $68K)

Our client is a listed conglomerate. They are looking for a high caliber Manager, IT Audit to join their team.

HK$55K - $68K Senior Accounting, Information Technology

Accountant; Listed Conglomerate; 5-day; (HK$28k - HK$33k; Admiralty)

Our client is a large listed conglomerate in Hong Kong. They are looking for an Accountant to join their growing team: 

HK$28k - HK$33k Middle Accounting, Finance, Human Resources
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